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What Can Our Kids Teach Us About Sustainability?


With sustainability guides and how-to’s becoming more and more complex, it’s nice to see how our kids naturally embrace and live sustainable lifestyles. We take a look at some of the simple sustainability tips we can take from our children and apply to our everyday adult lives.


Less is more

Often adults, whether we want to admit it or not, are caught up in the desire for the newest, shiniest and latest material object on offer. Our kids however, can be satisfied with what they’ve got, unless we teach them otherwise. Fast-moving consumer goods are detrimental to our planet and responsible for over a third of global greenhouse gas emissions. Something to consider when moving towards a greener home. Our kids have imaginative minds and love the outdoors. They know how to create fun with the simplicity of what they have. Community, connection, craft, nature, gardening, animals, mindfulness and make-believe. Enjoying what we already own and choosing to be creative together, is a simple but effective lesson we can start today. 

Borrow library books, instead of purchasing your own. It not only reduces production, but can also be a great activity for the kids. Share your childhood toys with your kids. They are new for your child, but also come with sentimental value and a story which can enhance the connection. Plant seeds or veggies in the garden, instead of visiting a shopping centre. This keeps kids busy and engaged, while contributing to the environment. Simplicity and mindfulness is a child’s natural state. By modelling this behaviour ourselves, we can nurture this in our children and apply it to our own lives. More creative ideas for you and the kids here

Sharing is caring

Hand-me-downs make sense for children, as kids grow up fast. Adults don’t physically grow out of their clothes, we mentally become tired of them. Vintage is in, and quite often a way to express personal style at an affordable price point. There are a number of great vintage brands on instagram now including @naninvintage and @viis__suits that you can seek inspiration from or tap to shop. Clothing swap parties have also recently become a trend and a great way to reuse. When you need a wardrobe revamp, consider hosting a clothing swap. It’s fun, social and will fill your wardrobe with stylish new pieces, without the guilty conscious of fast fashion.

The natural way

Kids love to be in nature, which is a great reminder that we can too. Take time to step outside and connect to mother earth. Take the kids to a park, walk to the beach, lie on the grass and look up to the sky. Being outdoors boosts your energy and your immune system, enhances your creativity, clears your mind, and can decrease anxiety and depression. Integrate nature not only in your daily activity, but also through the products you use. Naturally derived is best, not only for you, but for the environment too. Organic and natural product manufacturing reduces pollution, soil erosion and conserves water. Sanctum Skincare offers Certified Organic Sustainable skincare for the whole family. Don’t just nourish your kids, nourish yourself too.

It is that simple

Our kids are very black and white. When they understand the why behind something they do, they usually repeat it. The best way to apply the above sustainability practices into your life, is to understand why these practices benefit you and the environment. Keep it simple. Start with one. Ask friends why they do it, google the benefits, try it out. If it feels good and you know the purpose behind it, you will most likely repeat it too. If we can all do our part, one step at a time, we will collectively create a greener future. 

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