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The Importance of Sticking to a Night Time Skincare Routine


One of the easiest ways to ensure you are nourishing your skin and honouring time for self-care is through incorporating an evening skincare routine to your life.

As humans, our bodies crave consistency and for most people, the evening is a slower time of day where we can spend a moment to focus on ourselves.

Introducing a (consistent) nighttime skincare routine can profound benefits to your skin while also helping you wind down for the evening.

Throughout the day, our skin is exposed to a great deal of pollution, such as environmental air pollutants, ultraviolet radiation, dirt, grime and makeup.

Prolonged exposure to high levels of these pollutants can be associated with issues like premature skin-ageing, inflammation and allergic skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis or acne.

While you sleep, your skin cells are regenerating much faster due to an increase in blood flow, making it the perfect time to undo any damage from the previous day by using effective products on the skin.

By applying your skincare products at night time, the products have a better opportunity to penetrate the skin and absorb the nutrients while also letting it breathe, as opposed to sitting under a face of makeup.

What should your night time routine look like?

While everyone’s personalised nighttime skincare routine will look different, there are a few core steps you should focus on doing.

Remove Makeup & Cleanse

We recommend doing a double cleanse to ensure you are setting your face up with the best possible environment to absorb the products that follow.

#1 Cleanse: Will start to remove most of the makeup, dirt and grime on your skin.

#2 Cleanse: WIll remove any excess product on your face as well as thoroughly cleansing the epidermis.


This step is especially important for those with an oily skin type. By using a toner you will help to restore the skin’s natural PH level which can often get a little bit out of balance after cleansing, this will create a great basis for any products to follow.


If you have any serums this is the best time to apply (before moisturiser) - smaller molecules in serum will penetrate the skin more deeply. Serums are excellent for addressing any specific skin concerns that you have, such as ageing.


Just as a daytime moisturiser is likely to be a part of your daytime skincare regime, hydration at night is a crucial step to repair and nourish the skin. Provided your skin type can withstand it (ie not too oily), we suggest using a more heavy-duty cream as opposed to your day time moisturiser, such as our Night Conditioning Cream. This will help to lock in moisture for maximum hydration while you sleep.

Eye Balm

The area around our eyes is ten times thinner than the skin on the face, making it very important not to overlook this step. We recommend gently applying our Firming Eye Balm with your ring finger (it is not as strong, so likely to be more gentle) around the orbital bones and under the eyebrow. This will help to strengthen and support this skin while reducing inflammation.

Additionally, we recommend using an exfoliant and mask one to two times a week for an ultimate evening skincare routine. These once or twice a week skincare rituals will work further to remove dead skin cells and treat the skin for any skin concerns. Not only this - products that follow - serum, hydration will penetrate more deeply and nourish the skin even further. Whatsmore who doesn't love a little pampering. Treat yourself to the indulgence of a true home treatment / pamper session - beneficial not only to your complexion but also your mind. Think candles, a cup of herbal tea or cacao, a magazine and some soothing music. Quality me time and nourished skin! The perfect Sunday night activity.

Whether is it your daily cleanse or weekly pamper - take the opportunity to wash away the nitty-gritty of the day and transition into the the evening, benefit from glowing skin and stillness you will find along the way.

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