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A Healthy Easter Guide For The Whole Family


Easter is just around the corner and it’s easy to become overwhelmed with school holiday activities, family get togethers and all the tempting sugary indulgences available. This time of the year can be challenging if you want to maintain a healthy approach to eating. To help you have a healthier Easter, we’ve selected our favourite recipes so everyone can enjoy the holidays – guilt free!

Breakfast: Healthy Hot Cross Buns

Did you know that ingredients in supermarket and even ‘fresh’ bakery buns can be damaging to you and your kids’ health? Luckily, Georgia Harding naturopath and wholefood cook behind the blog Well Nourished, has created a super healthy version, calling it “Hot Cross Buffins”. It’s wheat and gluten free, plus contains wholefood ingredients for everyone to enjoy, especially when they come straight out of the oven.

View the recipe via www.wellnourished.com.au

Lunch: Bunny Family Pizza

Easy, healthy and delicious for the whole family. A fun recipe to get the kids involved (and away from sugary treats!). It's also, egg and nut free.

View the recipe via www.eatingwell.com

Dinner: Shredded Brussels Sprouts and Kale Salad

There are many health benefits to eating a salad every day and as an accompaniment to your meal. This salad recipe is full of goodness and includes seasonal produce, so it means richer flavours and cheaper prices as produce in season is more abundant. Do your bit for the planet and buy seasonal fruits and veggies from your local farmers market to reduce carbon footprint.

View the recipe via www.ambitiouskitchen.com

Dessert: Vegan Meringue Nests with Strawberries & Cream

Surprise friends and family with this vegan meringue made from chickpea brine. It's crunchy, chewy, sweet and delicious, while also being good for the planet! A classic turned healthy you and the family are bound to love. 

View the recipe via www.wallflowerkitchen.com

Our last tip to a healthy Easter is of course that you treat yourself! You can only truly enjoy the holidays by making sure you dedicate time to giving yourself a little self-love. Sanctum skincare have a wonderful range of Certified Organic body care products perfect for bath time rituals to help you reset and give your mind clarity and energy. 

Discover our collection of natural exfoliants, pH balanced skin washes, and body balms rich in shea butter and coconut oil for soft, smooth and naturally healthy glowing skin at www.sanctumaustralia.com/organic-body-care

From our family to yours, have a safe and wonderful Easter!

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