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Exploring Mother Earth With Mother Dearest


As most Australian’s yearn for international travel to open back up, it’s easy to neglect the magic of our very own backyard.

We’re not short of incredible places to discover with pristine coastlines, subtropical and tropical rainforests, colossal mountain ranges and vast desert lands.

This coming Mother’s Day, round up the troupes and plan an adventure. With plenty of Australian goodness to explore, near or far, there really is no excuse. We’ve put together a list of astounding kid-friendly National Parks around Australia. The best part? They don’t cost a dime!

Dorrigo National Park - NSW

Only one hour away from Coffs Harbour, however, Dorrigo National Park feels outer-worldly. Surrounded by lush bushlands and breathtaking waterfall walks, this spot is one to add to the bucket list. Most popular for its abundant wildlife and waterfalls. We highly recommend the Wonga walking track, it’s around 2- 3 hours return, but every step of the way is exciting. And if you're feeling patient enough to deal with a sugar rush, take the kids to the famous Dorrigo Sweet Shop on the way home!

Wilsons Promontory National Park -VIC

Live in Melbourne or the city’s surroundings? Take a mini road trip to the southernmost tip of mainland Australia, approximately three hours from Melbourne. With its hidden coves, granite headlands, and white sandy beaches, the Proms has something for everyone. If your family enjoys camping, set up camp at Stockyard Campsite and explore the vast and natural wonders of the Big Drift, perfect for kids! 

Warrumbungle National Park - NSW

Fancy a night under a starlit sky? The Warrumbungle, near Coonabarabran, is Australia’s first and only dark sky park, making it the perfect spot for stargazing. If you go, make sure to stay at Camp Blackman, this campsite has incredible views of the surrounding mountain ranges such as Breadknife, Bluff Mountain and Belougery Split Rock. Plus, they have an outdoor movie cinema to keep the kids entertained!

Litchfield National Park – Northern Territory

Abundant with waterfalls and swimming holes, Litchfield National Park is Mother Nature’s take on a Wet’n’Wild. Want to take the kids on a walk? The Florence Creek and Falls Loop is a short track of only 1.6km, and the finishing line is a magic waterfall with plenty of room for swimming. So make sure you pack your togs! 

The list goes on and on!

Planning trips with the family isn’t always a walk in the park, but with so many special spots to see, it’s worth the work.

Make Mother’s Day one to remember this year and get exploring before your kids are old enough to do it without you. Kidding. Well, kind of. 

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